VS Shipyard is just another website in the “sea” that is dedicated to vessels and maritime, only with a slightly different approach. My target are enthusiasts who like ships and their unique designs that makes them stand out. The enthusiasts who like to spend their free time playing maritime simulators or the ones who are into 3D modelling and boat design.

The goal?

I create 3D models of all sorts of vessels, so the main goal is to present my own projects, vessel concepts and designs. All of the models are unique and 100% authentic. Here you can follow my progress with new projects.

But why the “shipyard” then? The reason is that my projects will not be just a fancy photo. All of the projects will be exported to video games such as “Virtual Sailor”, “Vehicle Simulator” and others and will be available for download. That means that you will be able to sail my vessels in virtual seas like in maritime simulator video games.

The mission is to present unique vessel concepts and to develop a large virtual fleet of vessels available for download and usage. VS Shipyard will offer you a possibility to order a custom made vessel just for you or to customise some of the existing models. Though, the vision is much more than that. The vision is to help other 3D artists in creating their own models by making our authentic components available for download.

Author: Michele Cupic
Country: Croatia